After the devastating arson fire in 1988, Parish members of Saint Christopher Church decided to hold a fund raiser. In June of '88, an idea of setting up a booth to sell items that might have come from someone's attic was voiced by Carol Williams. The original booth title was "Attic Treasures and Crafts." Treasures were collected and stored in the classrooms along the hallway north of the St. Christopher school kitchen and then sold during Summerfest.

The first Summerfest in 1988 was set-up on the grass behind the school. There was a crew who created a frame the size of 10x10 feet for the Attic Treasures. A grand total of $300.00 was made that first year from the sale of donated treasures.


The following year a tarp was hung over the Attic Treasures frame to protect from the hot sun and a surprise rain shower. Due to the wet field, everything was moved to the parking lot behind the school. In 1990, along with Attic Treasures and Crafts, there was a Chiavetta chicken dinner sold at $5.50 each, refreshments, home made pies, rides, and games of chance and skill. A grand prize 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier VL Coupe, plus eight $50 cash prizes were raffled off. All proceeds went toward the rebuilding of the Church.

This year, St. Christopher Parish is celebrating the 31st annual Summerfest! Please join us and help celebrate 31 wonderful years!​

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